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and now the market was way up, 3:15 we started going way down, fiscal cliff and tech stocks. we have problems. >>neil: read 'em and leap. taxes will go up. and up a lot. speaker boehner says revenues are on the table but we have news for him, when it comes to hiking the taxes, democrats do plan to run the table reportedly not keen on a republican plan to only close loopholes that curb deductions to raise revenue. and democratic leaders expect that and a rate increase, a move that could conceivably send the top rate closer to 45 percent tan the 40 percent they talking about now. when you throw in added surtaxes to pay for health care, the
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"wall street journal" reporter says you could be look at 50 percent top rate. or more. here we go. >>reporter: that is true if the live in the state of california or someone like you would works, why know if you live in new york but you work in new york and the tax rates in new york city could go do 50 percent and california as high as 52 percent, we have not seen rates that high since the 1970's. >>neil: leave aside what will happen on health care people forget this is a lot more than just returning to the clinton top rate of 39.6 percent. it is about going well beyond that and the fact that democrats are feeling their oats after the election and saying, look, this isn't about just marginal rates but the marginal rates and this, not either, or, but "and" this. >>guest: that is what chuck
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schumer said before the election, saying close loopholes and raise the rates at the same time, which is exactly the opposite of tax reform. >>neil: how does a guy like that who represents the financial capital of the world sort that out and its economic impact. >>guest: this is an important point i am glad you brought it up. what is the financial capital of the world? new york wants to be and it has been so what chuck schumer is talking about, is imposing higher taxes on capital which is going to make lop done or hong kong the financial capital. it is like nebraska senators voting if higher taxes on corn. it is kind of a crazy thing. >>neil: what do you make of republicans coming into this thing, and it is good to put things on the table and that is what speaker boehner did and some republicans have criticized him for creeding -- ceding a point. >>guest: he said the right
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thing, we are willing to compromise, we are willing to be flexible on taxes, that was an olive branch and after you lose an election that was an appropriate thing to say. but he and mcconnell laid down the line. they said we will not raise tax rates because this is harmful to the economy and i happen to agree with them i think if we go to tax rates at 45 percent to 50 percent that actually can cause a double dip recession. if that happens, we are not going do have more tax revenues we will have less because more will be unemployed and businesses make small are profit. the problem with revenues right now, we do have a revenue problem in washington, dc, but that is because the who is not growing. people are not paying much taxes because we do not have growth. you get the growth rate up you get an officer if revenue. >>neil: but it could be a democratic strategy for saying we doing all of this, and republicans will count
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themselves grateful if all they got was eliminating some deductions and putting a cap on write offs. as we have discussed on fox business network, which if you don't have you should demand, but that could be worst than a hike to 39.6 percent because depending on how much the adjust those deductions you could be well over 40 percent. >>guest: that is right. i am not for tax increases. i don't want you to think i am going soft. >>neil: you have caved. you have caved. >>guest: if we close those loopholes we what should what we did in 1986 and in 1986 it passed 97-3 a top tax rate of 27 percent and kennedy and leading liberals including chuck schumer voted for 28 percent rate. why caught in go back to that strategy? grow the economy? lower rates? get rid of loopholes.
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request like loopholes. >> you want do make sure you get something for the other side. you are so tired of the election you will cave for anything. >> the best outcome is do something, build a bridge to 2013 and we don't go over the fiscal cliff of higher capital gains and dividends and have a debate of how to reform the tax system. i would blow the whole system up and start over and get the rates down to 18 percent or 19 percent. i like what steve forbes talked about in anybody 96 -- in 1996, a flat tax. there would be so much growth, you would not believe it. you want jobs, have a flat tax. >>neil: i am a hugger, not a hater. the president, today, meeting with labor leaders, the first round of fiscal cliff talks and my guest is one of them, and he
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heads up the national education association. good do have you. how did it go? >>guest: good meeting. we had an opportunity to talk about what we believe is important and as you mentioned this is the first of three meeting, and he went with labor leaders is groups today and talk with business tomorrow and friday talk with members of congress. >>neil: how did get on that meeting that is like me at a weight watcher convention? >>guest: they are part of group instrument am and active in the election. what is important in the election, it is not just who was elected but the values and ideas the american public votes for. they rejected medicare as a voucher they had choices of more and more tax cuts to the wealthy. they rejected it. >>neil: did they reject compromise? >>guest: absolutely no. >>neil: what do union heads offer the president that you
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would be open do? >>guest: i focused in on the tax fairness. clearly we believe the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of nation have end. we talked about --. >>neil: why did you find that being fair? >>guest: congress set up $1.2 trillion problem to solve and you don't take off $829 billion before you start. it is impossible. >>neil: so it is only fair to go after the 2 percent who pay more than 40 percent of the taxes and address the 47 percent who pay no income taxes. some are legitimate, but, that's fair? you are the education guy, right? >>guest: what does make sense is everyone paying their fair share. >>neil: i just told you about the 47 percent who are not paying at all. >>guest: when you look at their income that is why they don't pay. >>neil: dennis be you right, i am not dismissing those who are retired and have paid in but something has happened over the course of our life dennis when i
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got out of graduate school that figure was in the 20's and now it is approaching 50 percent, just that figure is screwy, right in if we are going they continue to support a lot of government things you want, we have to do more than saddle just the top 2 percent? >>guest: we are coming out of the worst depressions and the middle-class and lower income people have suffered more and the idea that everyone shouldn't pay their fair share is crazy. >>neil: what part of fair are you not getting? >>guest: i am talking about the wealthiest 2 percent who got a tax cut when the middle-class people got tax increases and have so many challenges. >>neil: i thought with the bush tax cuts everyone got cuts. >>guest: well, sure, but the amount was so much less, and, they received all of the other cuts they did. they lost their job. they lost their home. because some believe the tax cuts is the way of future.
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>>neil: we are going nowhere with this. let's talk about what unions might have offered at the white house. we will probably get the taxes rising on the issue but the issue is how much. what did you offer as far as concessions the unions might make or cuts in spending or slowing the growth of spending you would accept? >>guest: the other things i talked about on fair notice, it make as difference whether you earn your income through work or through wealth. it ought to be the same. why in the world does someone who is a construction worker or teacher or policeman, why should their income be taxed higher than those who earn it through wealth? that is fair. and close the tax loopholes. also, i talked to the president --. >>neil: when you talk about closing the tax loopholes that is enough rather than a tax rate officer if part of an original deal to get us off the cliff was to close a lot of loopholes, raise roughly the same revenue
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up front? >>guest: people talk about broadening the base but the math doesn't work. you cannot get enough income to meet the 1.2 trillion. >>neil: not when 47 percent are not paying. >>guest: you are hung up on 47 percent. >>neil: you are the education association president but i am a slave to the numbers. the numbers tell me we cannot continue to support the government that you want to see and the programs you want to continue just hanging it on that fraction, that small group of folks wealthy or not who pay all the freight. you cannot sustain that. >>guest: one of the other thin i talked to the president is the conversation about medicaid. there is a talk about whether those should be cut or not and some want to shift the cost to the state. >>neil: are you open to cut inning? >>guest: obviously we need to look at the whole country.
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>>neil: you want to leave medicaid aloning you don't want to cut medicare what are you going do give up? >>guest: the important i am making about medicaid right now in states that is the largest portion of their budget and it pushed out k12 education, the third area is prisons and they will not cut prison. if you shift the cost to state --. >>neil: give me one thing you would cut? >>guest: i would eliminate the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent. that is a cut. >>neil: there you go. thank you very much. >>guest: good to be here. >>neil: now we know general petraeus was in libya the wee oe doing there and what became of a report that he was compiling of his meet leg? senator feinstein wants to know. if it take as subpoena to get that information, so be it. catherine, he is all over it. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>>neil: we are learning from david petraeus he took a trip to libya to get a firsthand account of exactly what happened in benghazi. now, the democratic chair woman of the senate intelligence committee ready to use her subpoena power to get the information on what he found out and now to catherine. >>reporter: beyond the issue of failing to notify congress about the f.b.i. investigation, the democratic chairman of the senate intelligence committee, senator feinstein is threatening to subpoena a report smartizing the trip to libya the week of october 31 where he personally looked into the attack. >> there is no reason this report hunt be part of that discussion and sooner rather than later. i agree with senator feinstein that it is hard to come up with any legitimate reason not to know what general petraeus saw and learned in libya. >>reporter: the acting director of the c.i.a. breached the house and senate minority leaders on capitol hill today
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and the senate foreign affairs committee held a closed hearing, the first of half a dozen hearings or briefings on the attack, where both democrats and republicans insist that general petraeus must testify. >> today's briefing is the first of a number briefings that will occur and i would like to hear from him the next week or so. he just has gotten back from a trip over there, but, also, what happened in a real time version because the american people have a right to know. >>reporter: the former c.i.a. director should be required to testify, the white house spokesman suggesting general petraeus insight was not mandatory. >> i say it is up to congress to make decisions about who called to testify. the president is confident the acting director is fully informed and capable of representing the c.i.a. in a hearing about the insurance didn't in benghazi. >>reporter: republican congressman peter king said he wants to hear from the former
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c.i.a. director so he can explain what he knew he was the subject of an f.b.i. investigation when he told lawmakers on accept 14 the benghazi attack was similar to a flash mob connected to a video that was similar to the administration's but conflicted with the f.b.i. statements. >>neil: thank you, catherine. forget the sordid e-mails for a moment, what is the f.b.i. doing looking into them sending agents to scour paula broadwell's house for any evidence? is this a c.i.a. matter? or is this a case of the f.b.i. want dog make this their matter? these two agencies may not only be as cross pups but they could be at war. it is a little weird but it is what it is. >>guest: the c.i.a. does not investigate american citizens and that is long and short of it. the f.b.i. -- certainly not in
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the united states. the f.b.i. was investigating this and the trail led them to general petraeus. now, at that point every alarm bell should have gone off, everyone who was involved in this would have put it right up the chain of command and the f.b.i. don't want to investigate the head of an intelligence agency that is a rival so it went to the head of the fbi and then to the attorney general, a very political attorney general. why the attorney general didn't report to congress? why did he not report to the white house. every administration i have been part of, if there was a thought that one intelligence agency was investigating a key appointee of the president and a cabinet member and particularly someone in the high level of national security and command in defense of this country it should have been dealt with as a substantial security issue but a political issue. >>neil: but --. >>guest: the fbi works for the justice department and the attorney general. their chain of command would be to take it to the attorney --
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the hoover years stopped it. that is what is upsetting in the hoover years with one intelligence agency investigating another and not telling anyone else. >>neil: what do we make leaving aside the draw difficult -- the tawdry details, what do you make of the agency investigating this other agency? >>guest: they should have taken it up the chain of command and saying we don't want to be have thing this. we know that the president didn't know, and the format that key members of congress were not informs so, that is the problem, why did it just stop withholder. and the political angle was it withheld to use it as leverage over general petraeus after september 11th? did general petraeus know he was being investigated? >>neil: how would that affect
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the october trip? >>guest: who is the guy who knows the most about terrorism and what happened in benghazi, probably david petraeus, the chief al qaeda warrior and fighter for iraq, and he knows more about this topic than anyone else and he is the one guy who is not going to testify or not now. but he is discredited. now, i am not a conspiracy theorists but the timing is weird and it still, there is no explanation out of why did they not get additional protection in benghazi before the attack? during attack why were they not relieve and why was this no security after the take? >>neil: these are men in powerful positions, how can they be so reckless personally? ing i was in afghanistan right after broadwell was there, a guest of general petraeus and i met with them, and i had heard
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at the time that there were rumors this was an inappropriate relationship. >>neil: weird, weird, weird, k.c., thank you. we know it was if show, the sandy is dandy among top officials, fema fumbled badly. don't believe me? come to coney island and i will show you mile. you've reached te where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action.
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>>neil: and paul ryan is back in the capitol after taking a tuesdays off and he was re-elected to his old house seat and is still the house of representatives budget chief and he will likely get that again, speaker boehner promising that if he wants it. he would be one of the more prominent opposition leaders,
1:25 pm
now, facing president obama in the next few years and he liked speaker boehner on the revenue thing but that is wide and general. >> here is what you need to know how bad the hurricane sandy was for the new york metropolitan area. storm damage in coney island hospitals likely will not be fully up and running until early next year. next year. jonathan hunt on why. jonathan? >>jonathan: things are getting boatser slowly but it and very, very slow going indeed, for a lot of people. the power, though, is back to almost every home here now in coney island but that doesn't mean people don't still have problems. there are a lot of these apartment buildings, many public housing projects in coney island, and a lot of people in them, elderly, less well-off, cannot necessarily help themselves after the storm. that is where the national guard comes in, we tacked, along with
1:26 pm
a unit of the national guard as they went door-to-door in one of the 24 floor apartment buildings knocking on every door tieing to get people what they need. listen. >> we ask them if they have running water. do they have cold running water that is drinkable, okay. we don't have to bring water in. if they have food, they are all set. if they don't haved if we have food and water available. if they have electricity and hot running water, the building conditions should be pretty good. we have our building inspectors just case there are further issues. the building inspectors take care of that situation. >>jonathan: the national guard has knocked on 21,000 doors in coney island and they will not stop until they have knocked on everyone. people in the meantime who cannot get out of their apartment are coming to this
1:27 pm
distribution center here where they are picking up things like bottled water, canned goods all day, and closing up for the day, now, but i can tell you from 7:00 a.m., when we first got here this morning, hundreds lined up to get a hot meal, to get canned goods to get cleaning rods, baby wipes, all that, and there are still a lot of people here in coney island who need a lot of help. >>neil: incredible. new york governor cuomo wants help, about $30 billion worth in federal aid to help pay for all of this. my guest says go slow, with taxpayer protection apply an. my worry, david, you give the money and talk about a lockbox, it is frittered away. >>guest: absolutely. we have seen it before with a blank check. they will fill in the details later and that sends a chill down the taxpayers' back. we have seen that before. it doesn't work with someone else's money. we hope that cuomo has a plan and tale submits that plan and
1:28 pm
says this is what i want to spend it on and not just ask for a blank check "trust me" situation. >>neil: they will give everything to help folks out, but we have learned with fema and some of the government agencies, it disappears. so, when i heard about governor cuomo's $30 billion request, why do we think it may pay for things having nothing to do with the storm. >>guest: they have $1 billion deficit in the state of new york so, throw in an extra $1 billion or $2 billion and you can move the money and i am not say that is what he wants to do but it opens up a lot of questions. take a step back, fema has not been around that long.
1:29 pm
1979 fema was created so, we survived these disasters before 1979 and the federal government wasn't in the middle of it, and why do we need family? i think we need to start that discussion. can we do this without a central ide bureaucracy running the show. >>neil: what is odd about the request is a governor can decide whether he wants to nationalize a storm, in other words have fema take over taking away the power from the governor, and i can understand him not wanting to do that but you cannot do it both ways. no doubt money is needed and desired but you have to be careful what you wish for. >>guest: be careful what you wish for, but, also, there are different steps in a storm. obviously, the first step is reacting immediately to what has happened and then we will see ckle in.rina, we will see the we saw it seven years ago where a month from now, two months from now, we will see some of the scams, people taking
1:30 pm
advantage of the system, and that is the tragedy, a lot of money is going to be wasted and not go to the proper people and the proper resources. >>neil: we will watch it closely. in the meantime, it is his party, and he will invite who he wants and if you are a victorious president obama you will not invite who you do not want to. meet the guy who found out the hard way he can't come to the white house. and get this, he is just across the street from the white house. i talk a lot about one reverse mortgage.
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>>neil: just across the street, chamber of commerce c.e.o. is not coming to the white house because he want invited to the white house. lots of big labor guys were, some big company guys but just say president obama is not keen on breaking bread with tom, the guy would represents thousands of small and medium size american companies, not in on talks to sort out this fiscal mess. >>guest: we are very happy with our opportunity to make our points in all the traditional ways we have available to us including talking to you. >>neil: don't you know the president watches this show. do you feel offended?
1:35 pm
ocean absolutely not. you should see what we are doing today, we are making progress, we are all over the place, we will have our say on what will happen here and the business people are the big members of our association. >>neil: a lot of the ones going there tomorrow represent the g.e.'s but not a lot of the financial companies, but it is not a great cross section of corps america, what do you make of that? >>guest: there are only a few seats around the table in the roosevelt room so they will only ask a few and many of them are friends of the administration or they have been involved in the new organization which i applaud which is dealing with the debt and we are working together with
1:36 pm
them. >> it seems to be making great progress. i don't mean to sound cynical but they are not making progress. so, the same characters come in and meet with the president and a labor guy earlier said the only way around this is the high prices on the rich and could not thing of cutting anything and these are the first people the president meets with. i am just thinking that this is going nowhere fast. >> is the fundamental issue we must deal with entitlements because in very few years with 10,000 people a day retiring, and the debt extending way out, we will consume all of our national revenue to take care of medicare and medicaid and it is very important for us to feel with that and a reasonable restructuring of national tax and most of all to add a third
1:37 pm
bucket, and that is, energy. energy is what canada used to rebuild their economy and we have lots of it and we have 750,000 people working around in the states in the innovative ways and the nonstructured ways to take oil and gas out of the we ground and in a position to hire millions of people and pay royalties and taxes. >>neil: you think the president is moving in that direction? he talks about an overture and working with republicans but, then, threaten as veto on anything that avoids hiving taxes on the rich so i see same old and same old. i don't hear what you are talking about. >>guest: talk to the governors . the bottom line is counting up
1:38 pm
the real money we are going to need additional funds from a third source unless we want to dip into entitlements and defense and taxes in a way that will severely hurt our economy and i believe we will build a coalition of people next year that will come together to get some or most of that done. we should be careful not to go over the cliff at the first of year because we will have a negative effect on this economy and on unemployment and we will hurt europe and other places that are major sources. >>neil: the treasury secretary of the united states has a "wall street journal" conference saying it is not good policy to extend all tax breaks beyond december 13, talking about going full throttle to hike taxes on
1:39 pm
the wenty essentially come hell or high water. is that damaging? >>guest: well, i think it would be a big mistake because it will make the big deal harder and this is hard for you to understand, but it is a very small amount of money in terms of deficit we are going to run in 10 years, and we ought to deploy it if a more effective way that will create jobs and allow us to do a serious restructuring of our corporate taxes. >>neil: but that assumes that whatever deal or concession you make now to get that is returned. in other words, a promise delivered. i see that maybe post election a lost republicans running with their tail between their legs they are caving on everything and there certainly is something
1:40 pm
about negotiating and understanding that the president won and he is entitled to certain things but not entailinged to everything. >>guest: he won by 2 percent. >>neil: are you afraid the business interesting will not be represented then? >>guest: business interest will be represented in the house of representatives and in the senate and the court of public opinion. >>neil: where do you get that notion in the senate when senator schumer wants a rate increase and deductions limited to the rich pay more and some of your members who pay at that rate, to pay more? >>guest: the problem of rich pay more a large number those people are small and medium sized businesses and if you put them under that same strain you will sap the capital they need to keep the businesses going but there are not a lot of people that mad this and the senate, there are still enough senators of mine not only the republicans, but about 12 democrats we count up, that are
1:41 pm
going to have to run in tight races in 2014. >>neil: very good point. bottom line, you do not feel offended or sad that you are not going to the white house? >>guest: i am busy and excited about what we are doing. we have a suggestion here that puts a lot of money on the table. before we are finished folks will want to use it. >>neil: you are not vulnerable. by you are not. >>guest: i seem vulnerable? are you kidding in i'm irish. >>neil: all right, as someone who is half irish i will let that go. very good to have you. just across the street from the white house but who are we to make a big deal of geography. tom was not the only one not invited to the white house, charles gasparino on the other c.e.o.'s left out, and charlie was left out, also, after offering no support to the president's campaign. a quid pro "no."
1:42 pm
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not not even before the invite list came out of the big c.e.o.'s coming to the white house, charles gasparino broke this. >> it is being led by honeywell and from g.e., and those c.e.o.'s are no surprised and the c.e.o. of ford or amex, in surprise there. forget who is going, think who is not going. the closest national titan -- jamie dimon is not on the list. >>neil: what do you make of that? >>guest: it is clearly, what my mother would say, you voted, you voted for him and you supported my opponent and now
1:46 pm
--. >>neil: i thought he would be bigger than that in the second term. >>guest: did you hear him speak after he won? listen, what everyone knows is going down here and this is a show, a joke, what people know is the battle. president obama and we reported this today, e bowls is asked to be a negotiators and we were the first to report that, a go define congress and the president and he said "no." they will pick jack lou, a partisan liberal, for treasury secretary. >>neil: you do not see any possibility for a surprise? >>guest: everyone they are talking saying it is jack lou so that means the president is going for push with the congressional republicans and public his agenda which is higher tax rates. >>neil: he realize these won
1:47 pm
but he did not get a a landslide. >>guest: he got 50 percent and he is walking around like he got 90. republicans have reason to be worried but they maintain the house by a large margin and they do not keep nominating morons they might win the senate. people who say the dumbest things. >>neil: we will stop right there, chairs, good to see you. they just finished making over their home, and now they are left to pick up the pieces. a school teacher, a city detective, a child and another child on the way. any help on the way? block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero hearurn.
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>>neil: staten island still
1:51 pm
have many without power, homes and now without patience and now, the help is not on way. the individual wrote is showing michelle's home and her neighborhood. that does not look too great. how did it now? >>guest: not so well. we don't have answers at this time. we didn't know what to do, where to turn at this point. >> can you use your home? >> we can fought live in our house. it has been dailied unsafe by the building department. we still waiting for the building department to give an inspection. we now are living with my in-laws right now. >>neil: do you get along with your inlaws? >>guest: they wonderful, yes. >>neil: excellent. now, have they talked about temporary housing? i know fema was considering arrangements like that, figure like that? >>guest: i do know they
1:52 pm
contacted us yesterday and we were denied at first and i worked with a congressman and i don't know if he put a call to them but they called yesterday about temporary housing but as of right now i don't want to displace my son because he is getting used to living with my in-laws and i don't want to move again. >>neil: why did they reject you at first? >>guest: they said on the application we had flood insurance but everyone that has a mortgage has flood insurance that lives by the water. so that was the initial reason why we were rejected. we don't know why we are being now accepted into the housing program. >>neil: when you lack for help, or your husband, who do you go to? >>guest: who have we again do? honestly, we are just reaching out as much as we can. i want you to know we got off the tone with bank of america
1:53 pm
and they only told us that they would freeze the mortgage for 30 days knowing we cannot live in the home so we don't know what will happen with that, either. so, basically, we are glad we have insurance but my union has reached out to us and my husband worked with the police department and they have reached out to us and we have not had communications except if congressman grim and he was at the site where my house is on saturday and he was telling us he would help always were as he could but i have not heard from him. >>neil: that is ridiculous. bank of america if you are watching i think you can clearly see from the images this woman is not a deadbeat but she doesn't have a home so the idea of paying mortgage on a home that has been demolished, well, if you can get past your spread
1:54 pm
sheet... so gross. well you didn't use new pam, so it looks like you're "stuck" with me. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam.
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ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd.
1:57 pm
ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ >> neil: finally, if you are the company you keep, how can the president possibly keep the promises he made? the ones about inviting all to the table and putting everything on the table. did you see the table? the one at the white house? kind of lop-sided table. the president first big post election meeting to words not encouraging. here is why. kick off the progress, today, all progressive and all clearly the president's friends. i guess it's only natural to welcome those who brought you over the top. is this me or did it sound over the top and feel like victors dividing the spoil. "pirates of the caribbean" crash the cabinet room. and don't you tell me from a distance that richard trumka
1:58 pm
is a dead ringer to meatier jack sparrow from a distance. ♪ ♪ >> neil: all right, that sounded good while we were preproducing it. i'm kidding. the invite lost today is no joke. besides the afl-cio, the american federation of state county and municipal employees and on and op and on. i am looking at union guys to think to myself, self, surely they are not all union guys on pennsylvania avenue. too obvious. i found nonunion ties. pirates of a different sort. united in wanting the success to walk the plank.
1:59 pm
the national community to preserve social security and medicare. all right. game over. game over. if this is the white house view of fair and balance count me concerned and worried. the white house is quick to say that the ceos are due up tomorrow. true. but i notice no wall street ceos, tit-for-tat. that's fine. no matter. what matters to the president is keeping them close today. barack obama invited them to his house to remind them he is indebted. the president of all the people he will never forget his people. the message is clear. this isn't a mandate. this is the president inviting buddies to the man cave. on our dime.

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